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Connection Creator

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Stephanie is a connection creator who, through speaking, writing, and events, helps people connect with their mind, body and life. She connects as a keynote speaker, coach, and group facilitator. Stephanie works with groups, individuals, and organizations to empower them to become a better version of themselves.  She also facilitates Mental Health First Aid Certification classes for businesses and groups.

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"I say, write and do things to help people feel connected with their mind, body and their life."

Forging Connections Through Words and Love

     Meet an author whose words serve as bridges, connecting minds and hearts in a world often marked by distance.  Through her prose, she guides readers to embrace their mind, body, and life as an intertwined whole, fostering a sense of unity that is

both healing and enlightening.


Her craft goes beyond the pages of her books. With her children in mind, she writes with a heartfelt purpose, aiming to leave a legacy of love that will endure through generations. Her stories are an expression of her profound affection, a gift that binds her family and readers alike. In every piece she creates, she reminds us of the enduring power of love and the importance of forging connections that transcend time and space.


Connection Creator

Stephanie Edwards 

Welcome ,


     My name is Stephanie Edwards and I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember.  I have always loved putting pen to paper to help me describe meaningful things in my life like when I got married, had my children and even when we had to put my beloved dog, Charlie, to sleep.  I am a wife, mother to three wonderful humans, massage therapist, Realtor and lover of all baked goods.  I hope that you find a piece of my writing that speaks to you or your loved one or creates a spark in you to put your own pen to paper.  


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Lindsay L.

The only way to describe Stephanie's Mastermind share is a deposit from Stephanie's heart directly to the listener. It was a message you felt as much as you heard. Her genuinity was engaging and lasting and the journal itself is just brilliant.

Katy H.

Stephanie has the gift of connection. When she presents, every person in the room feels like she is speaking right to them. Her content is so relevant and needed in today's world.

Jo W.

Stephanie's book is full of GORGEOUS colorful illustrations and the message was perfectly written to hold the attention
of my preschool class of 22 3-year olds from the first read.
They loved it as did I.
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